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DENNIS STEINSEIFER ~ Personally Speaking...


Hello and welcome to my world. I decided to put together a website so I would have a place to digitally store all my musical experiments.


This website was a creative labor of love and I owe a huge debt of thanks to my bud Keith Lock (Elliott Hitchcock).  We spent many hours having a great time trying to make the site a fun work of art. I kept referring to our sessions as two kids putting together a musical comic book.

We transformed each section into challenges to our imaginations and worked to create visually unique displays to showcase the creativity in the music. Keith’s ability to design and frame elements of the site in eye catching splashes of color and his skill at web building allowed us to free up our inner kids.


I would also like to say a big thank you to David Chase at Chase Studios Las Vegas for doing an amazing job cleaning up the sound and transferring to digital a number of these songs, which were recorded on cassettes from years ago.  

I’ve dabbled in music in some form or other since I could remember. After playing a couple songs, on electric guitar,  with a buddy in our six grade “talent show “, I experienced that rush of producing sound!

I traded the guitar for a piano and took lessons from an old lady who slapped my hands and bang my fingers when I made a mistake. I am now a forever traumatized mistake maker who is very critical of critical people!


I then found a more younger girl who didn’t concentrate on reading (typing) music and showed me some "boogies" and music was fun again. My whole musical life has been spent with musicians who enjoy creating original music and have fun doing it. Not being with cover bands has meant not profiting from my efforts but I’m sure proud of the musical embryos I’ve helped create and raise.

Thank you to anyone spending their time to listen to my musical creations. Hopefully you’ll find something that will inspire you.

My Home Studio

I was able to create most of the recording’s shared on this website in my home studio. 

Missing in the photo is my beloved Mini Korg which  was the first synth I ever purchased and it still  provides the coolest spaced out ear candy.

Electronic Drum Set
Black and White Cassette Tape
Sound Waves
Sound and Lights - Dennis Steinseifer, James Sabo
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